Kish Rudbar Village
KR Village supplies the most premium quality healthy food products, to five continents in bulk and private label.
KR Village products are nurtured in the best farms all over Iran, in noble villages with rich soil and exact desired climate.
We handpick products harvested at their best, every KR Village product goes through multiple stages of quality checks to ensure that premium quality products are always delivered to our customers.
We are dedicated to deliver the best quality products to you anywhere in the world, as we have been able to gain the trust and satisfaction of our global clients.
We take our customers’ demands in every aspect seriously and adjust our products, packing and delivery based on your specific business desire.
We have registered our brand NIS (National Iranian Saffron) in 2019 as well as our Company NSK (Nimad Sahra Kish) but started our journey a couple of years before then.
Our economic activity licenses are both active for NSK and Kish Rudbar.
Please check our Instagram page @KR.Village to see our villages & all activities.