Herbs & Spices

Herbal Abstract History

It is not known when humans began to use the first herbs and spices as flavoring agents. Garlic and onions were documented as being used since 4,500 years ago. Humans used spices to help preserve foods before refrigeration and both were also used in religious ceremonies.
Spices and herbs have historical importance and were once the source of great power and wealth.
Greeks expanded the spice trade routes to the Mediterranean. The Roman Empire had great control and power with the spice trade. As plantations of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other important spices were established on tropical islands, the spice monopolies were disbanded . Saffron is the most costly of all herbs and spices, spices can come from all plant parts. 
Culinary herbs and spices have been used as both food flavoring & food preservative mediators for centuries, additionally, due to their known and presumptive health benefits, herbs and spices have also been used in medical practices since ancient times.

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