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Grandmother Jam

Most of us remember childhood memories with our beloved grandmother, specially in Eastern culture,
Who made us the most delicious food and snack.
Our Iranian grandmothers were always about to make their grandchild happy and one of their ways was making Jam.
They could make out of some fruits or vegetables, very delish jams like: strawberry, Carrot, Quince and cherry.
Our jam production line is based on fresh and zesty fruits of the season and Mr. Hosseinzadeh’s grandmother is in charge of preparation and production of this specific product.
You can have it for your breakfast or your child’s school snack.
Healthy, memorable and beneficial.

2 thoughts on “Grandmother Jam

  1. Amirali Tehran Nasab says:

    وای خدای من چقدر دلم خواست، یادش بخیر مامان جون من هرروز لقمه ی کره مربا برام درست میکرد ببرم مدرسه.
    کاش ازین نوع دست سازها اینجا تو استرالیا هم بود، می تونین برام ارسال کنین؟

    1. sami says:

      حتما دوست خوبم، ما میتونیم به همه جا ارسال داشته باشیم
      میتونین برای اطلاعات بیشتر توی واتساپ با این شماره ارتباط بگیرین

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