KRV Bussines Roots

Our journey began in 2017 as a small venture in the realm of food business, specializing in the exquisite saffron trade under the registered brand NIS {National Iranian Saffron}, it was during this time that we first recognized the paramount importance of product quality and its profound impact on human well-being.
Our initial foray into the market was centered around a singular, amazing product – saffron. This experience laid the foundation for our commitment to delivering not just exceptional products but also understanding the significant health benefits they offer.
As the years unfolded, so did our passion and expertise. Today, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of over 400 healthy products through KishRudbar our store in Kish Island.
From our humble beginnings with saffron, we’ve evolved into a platform that curates and promotes an extensive selection of items, each chosen with the same dedication to quality and well-being that inspired our journey.
What started as a local endeavor has now expanded to reach global shores. We’re delighted to export approximately 50 of our curated products worldwide, sharing the goodness that comes from our years of experience and commitment to excellence.
Join us on this exciting journey at KishRudbar, where the tradition of quality, health, and excellence continues to flourish.

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