Dried Fruits

Another KR Village special product is our dried fruits which could be mixed and packed from 2 to 15 different fruits upon client`s desired proportion. Apart from industrial dried fruits, our sundried fruits is what makes KR Village dried fruits like no other.
Fruits provide vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy body, however only eating one kind of fruits is not enough, people should eat a variety of fruits to get all the nutrients they need.
Eating a variety of fruits regularly could be difficult, not all types of fruits are available all year round, also it could be inconvenient for most people to go grocery shopping often only to get fresh fruits. That is why many people prefer dry fruits, Besides it’s convenience, it has many benefits:
Prevents and controls diabetes, boosts the immune system, improves colon and digestive health, reduces anxiety and depression symptoms, aids healthy pregnancies, promotes weight loss, prevents bone-related illnesses, improves heart health, keeps skin healthy, prevents anemia and hypertension, reduces the risks of mental illnesses, boosts energy.

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