Fruit Vinegar

KR Village homemade vinegars from different fruits, you name it from grape to dates and from different types of apples to plums.
This zesty juice is highly acidic and it has enough magnesium that may help lower rick of eye cataracts.
Might help restore the PH balance of your skin and sooth your dry skin and hair.
But be careful to not to drink it straight, as it can damage you teeth.
Asking where can you use?
May be added on chips, salads or some of you may put it on some pickles!
Fruit vinegar makes a tasty addition to meat.
You can make your cake more fluffier by adding a spoon of it.
Vinegars most common flavor are apple, blackcurrant and raspberry, although there are lots more. Vinegar can reduce your cholesterol and helping to control your blood sugar.

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