Rice is included in main dish in more than 100 countries worldwide.  As a matter of fact in some homes, rice is included with more than one meal a day.
This starchy high-calorie grain is generally low cost, making it accessible to all and a vital base of many diets. 
Each country showcases a rice specialty to reflect local spices and taste preferences: risotto in Italy, paella in Spain, jambalaya in the southern U.S., coconut rice in Colombia, steamed rice in China, rice and beans in Mexico, and sweet rice in Portugal, to name a few.
Long, short, or medium grain
This refers to the length and width of the rice grain after cooking:
Long grains have a slender kernel over four times as long as they are wide. When cooked, long grain rice stays separate and fluffy (e.g., Jasmine and Basmati rice).
Medium grains have a shorter, wider kernel, yielding a tender and semi-sticky consistency when cooked (e.g., Arborio rice).
Short grains have a kernel only twice as long as they are wide, and yield the stickiest texture when cooked (e.g., “sushi” rice).
Last but not least one of the highest quality and aromatic rice in the world is the Iranian rice, you could ask the difference from whoever that has tried it at once.

4 thoughts on “Rice

  1. Maya says:

    Persian rice is the best rice ever , once you try the Persian rice, you would never eat any other rices except Persian rice.
    wish I could find Persian rice in Europe.

    1. sami says:

      Dear Maya,
      For sure you could find qualified Persian Rice in Europe,
      We also export to few countries in Europe, please contact export@kishrudbar.com or WhatsApp +989122502900 for more details.

  2. noora says:

    Is there any chance to have it in CA as well?
    at the Uni my Iranian classmates are always talking about the scent of it.

    1. sami says:

      Dear Noora, of course we are specialized in exporting premium quality healthy foods to five continents.😊

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