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Saffron Rock Candy

Saffron rock candy is usually common in of Asian countries kitchen, specially Iran, and is used to sweeten teas, desserts, and even make some local foods more tasty.
It has been used for decades due to its healing effects, to name a few benefits, it is perfect for calming down the stomach, reducing coughing, reducing sleep deprivation, and helping smooth the throat.
Saffron rock candy during breastfeeding,
It’s also good for nursing mothers, it acts as an anti-stress agent and increases milk in the mother’s breast.
Its candy is less sweet compared to other sweet substances, it will not harm the mother and her milk quality.
For further information on taking saffron during pregnancy you could check our specific site for saffron, or more specific

2 thoughts on “Saffron Rock Candy

  1. Burat says:

    My favourite sweet with tea for all the time.
    it was a great plesure to rescive this products from your Co.

    1. sami says:

      Dear Burat thank you for your kind respond.🌹🙏

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