Native Special

Village Curd

If you don’t know what the curd squeak is, you’re missing out! When you bite into a curd you are greeted with a friendly squeak and amazing flavor.
The notorious squeak generated by firm and springy texture is evidence that the curds are fresh.
Rich in calcium, and ideal for lactose-intolerant people.
Fresh curd has a mild, tangy taste. Yogurt, being a fermented version of milk, has a tangy and acidic taste.
Curd is a type of dairy product that most countries in the world are familiar with. In addition to enhancing the taste of various foods, this nutrient can improve the function of the digestive system and food digestion and help strengthen bones and teeth.
It’s full of fibers, calcium and vitamins, as a result it’s great for digestion system, bones, skin and total body health.

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