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Sumac is a type of spice that’s native to the Mediterranean region.
This red powder has a unique citrusy taste which effortlessly compliments a whole range of dishes and sauces.
It contains healthy fats
with the majority of it being oleic acid and linoleic acid. benefits including supporting the heart health and maintaining the skin.
– Sumac is rich in several antioxidants
– It’s a source of dietary fiber
Sumac contains a fair amount of fiber. This is essential for healthy gut and ensuring good digestion.
Here’s just a handful ideas to how to use this zesty spice in your dishes.
– You can use it as an everyday condiment alongside salt and pepper.
– Sumac is a perfect salad dressing choice.
– If you are fan of roasting veggies, Sumac is a good marinade spice.
Overall, due to Sumac lemony flavor, it can often be used instead of lemon or lime in many recipes.

2 thoughts on “Sumac

  1. Haseb says:

    Can clear remember the taste of meat with sumac that my student’s mom cooked me once, DELICIOUS!!!!!

    1. sami says:

      Bet you can not forget it ever!

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